Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rosalie's progression since she came home

When we first brought Rosalie home, no one slept for the first couple of days, we were so scared something would happen.  After a couple days we started taking turns at night... Rosalie peacefully sleeping in our arms, all nice and comfortable, while the person holding her wouldn't dare blink.
Fast forward to a month later and she is, of course, still calling the shots but, man oh man, she is not this delicate little baby we thought we brought home, she is a feisty little thing.
Here she is when she first wakes up and "squeaks" for food. Of course I gently pick her up and just want to snuggle and kiss her...
Well that's not what she wants, so she "squeaks" a little louder in order to make herself a bit clearer...
Since the person getting the bottle ready is not fast enough (not even a minute has gone by since she first opened her little eyes mind you) she goes ahead and grabs a good hold of my face as if to say listen mommy....I'm very serious about this food thing.

She has learned how to cry now, so no more squeaks, which I miss so much.  Thank you again Laura for capturing these moments!!


  1. And no matter what we are fortunate to have her and have known her as a real person. Above all she needs love and comfort, and that she has plenty of ..

  2. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I haven't been able to see her as often as I'd like but my heard hasn't left her since I saw her. LOVE YOU ROSIE. Will be there soon to hold you and finally kiss you. LOVE GRANDMA.